Shopify Cooperates With Monotype

Once again great news for all Shopify merchants! Starting this week, Shopify is adding a large number of new FREE fonts to their library. They are able to do so by partnering up with Monotype. Hundreds of beautiful new fonts are now available free to Shopify merchants within the online store editor. This new partnership makes it easier for merchants to create and launch online stores that tell their unique stories in a beautiful way.

Until now, merchants had to license premium fonts, and then either hire a developer or go through a painful implementation process. With the help of Monotype, Shopify has now made this all incredibly simple and available to all Shopify merchants. The new Monotype fonts are now available on all themes in the Theme Store. To access the new fonts, just ensure you’ve updated your theme to the latest version.

Q: How do I update my theme? A: It's a relatively easy process. To learn about the step-by-step process simply click here.

Q: Which fonts will now be available for all Shopify stores? A: The new collaboration between Monotype and Shopify will give all Shopify merchants FREE access to a large library of new fonts. To take a look at the entire font library just click here

Q: How do I know which theme version I have? A: Log-in to your Shopify backend. Under “themes”, click on “customize”. Then go to “Theme settings”. On the bottom of the page you will see the most current version of your theme.

Shopify Theme Settings

Q: How do I know what the latest version of my theme is? A: This is unfortunately not always easy to find. In most cases, you can simply google for "Shopify [name of your theme] theme change log". For example, if your Shopify store runs the KAGAMI theme, then this search query will bring you here. You can compare the latest version to the actual version you are running and decide for yourself if you’d like to upgrade.

Q: Should I upgrade my theme every time the theme developer issues an update? A: Our clear answer is NO! For example, the Brooklyn theme is a great theme especially now with Dynamic Checkout enabled! However, as it is true with ANY other Shopify theme you need to start customizing your website from scratch with any new theme update. In short, only upgrade your theme every 4-6 months or so or incase a brilliant new feature has been introduced such as Dynamic Checkout.

As always, we encourage you to leave a comment below to share other insights we might have missed! Happy selling! 

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