Top 15 Shopify Apps To Boost Your Business

As a Shopify partner, our clients often ask us: “Which apps should we use for our Shopify store?”. Well, as so often in life, the answer is “It depends”. We usually start off by asking our clients a series of questions one of which is the question about their current pain points. If everything runs perfectly smooth chances are your Shopify store does not need any new apps. That’s unlikely though. In most cases, stores owners either lack website traffic, complain about low conversion rates or are frustrated that store visitors don’t sign up to their email lists. Luckily, for all these “pain points” there is a specific app which could potentially mitigate the problem. One thing we love about Shopify is that is has a very healthy ecosystem of app developers. The Shopify App store boasts thousands of apps making it sometimes difficult to choose the right ones. The following is a list of 15 Shopify apps we found most useful when solving many of our clients’ pain points.

1. JUST UNO -  Our favorite conversion marketing app with free exit intent popups, cart abandonment offers, bulk coupons, banners, contests, and much ore! The app comes with a customizable design, powerful targeting & segmentation, and A/B testing. It even offers seamless integrations with best-of-class email service providers like Mailchimp, Klaviyo or Constant Contact. The free plan with all features is available for up to 5,000 monthly visitors. After that, prices increase to $19USD/month. Click here to install the app!

Just Uno Shopify App

2. ZIPIFY PAGES - While successful Amazon FBA businesses often boast conversion rates of 20-40%(!), most E-Commerce websites can only show a lacklustre conversion rate of ~0.5-2%. Ezra Firestone’s Smart Marketers designed this landing page with the goal to solve this problem. The first landing page builder uniquely designed for E-commerce. It boasts a native Shopify integration, allows you to do A/B testing and implement opt-in light boxes and more. If you want to skyrocket your conversion rate, this app will certainly help! Cost: Starting at $67USD/month. Might sound like a lot but remember, conversion is king!

Zipify pages

SHOELACE - Retargeting is a no-brainer activity any Shopify store owner should implement if even you don’t think your store has a pain point. Autopilot by Shoelace costs $49USD/month and combines automation technology with human expertise to deliver the best retargeting strategies for your growing e-commerce store. They take care of everything from end-to-end, all you need to do is "approve" their suggestions. For further information also check out their explanation video here.  

Shoelace app

KIT - This app was so successful that Shopify purchased it! Kit will help you with your sales and marketing activities, and you can do it all from your phone. Kit called itself your “dedicated marketing employee, saving you time” by setting up Facebook ads, including dynamic retargeting ads. Check out the app on the Shopify app store for more information. The app is free to install.

Kit app

CHATRA - When visitors come to your store they want to find answers to their questions - quickly. Most people dislike reading through lengthy FAQ to find solutions. As an adequately run E-Commerce business you would want to offer as many options for the client to reach you; otherwise, your client will leave your website in the blink of an eye. Email and phone support are standard requirements. We highly recommend using a chat software. In fact, a Twitter survey in May 2018 by the Shopify Support Twitter account seems to confirm that "Chat" is the support channel preferred by many individuals (see screenshot below). Out of the many solutions on the market, our favourites are Chatra and Facebook Messenger. Click here to see more information on Chatra's pricing and click here to visit them on the Shopify app store. Install the Facebook Messenger by clicking here. It's great as many people use Facebook on the mobile phone anyways and once they contact you you're immediately connected with them. 

chatra chat app Facebook Messenger

Favorite support channels on E-Commerce platform Shopify

WHEEL OF FORTUNE - The Wheelio app is the world first interactive exit intent pop-up that makes the customer feel special. Your customers can spin a virtual wheel of fortune and will in most cases win a discount (set by yourself). It's a proven way to improve your overall conversion rates. The PRO version includes features such as Email validation and duplicate prevention. Have a go! It's fun to play around with it! Cost: approx. $15USD/month.

Wheelio app

PRODUCT REVIEWS - A feature that any Amazon product detail page has by default lacks in 99% of all Shopify stores: social proof. Besides good images, good reviews and good product copy, having social proof is one of the leading conversion rate boosters. Product Reviews is an app designed by Shopify which solves exactly this problem. As of March 2018, the app has more than 700 5-star-reviews. Convince yourself. Alternative apps which will give the trust to your customers that they need to check out on your store are and Opinew.

Product reviews Shopify

PLUG-IN SEO - The Plug-in-SEO app gives you a single verdict: does your store have issues with search engine performance that will be worthwhile to fix? Once you install the app, it checks your store, determines the verdict and displays details. All of the essential areas of search engine optimization are checked including page titles, headings, meta descriptions, speed, blog post structure, content freshness and much more. Cost: starting from $0.00USD/month.

plug-in SEO

XERO - Many Shopify store owners regard accounting and bookkeeping tasks as a necessary evil. That’s why many hire a CPA. The new Xero app has been developed in collaboration with Bold App, one of the most experienced Shopify store app developers. As of March 2018 it’s still not perfect and lacks many features, but it’s much better compared to what it used to be. Download this app if you use Xero as your bookkeeping software and if your store doesn’t have many complicated transactions.

Xero bookkeeping


ONE-CLICK-UPSELL - Another app designed by the brilliant team behind Ezra Firestone’s Smart Marketers. This app allows you offer your clients additional products post-purchase! The focus is on the word “post”! You are NOT upselling or cross-selling to your client before he or she makes a purchase but AFTER your client has already purchased an item - Click here to watch a brief animation. - Cost: Starting at $33USD/month for an annual plan. An alternative to this app is the Upsell by BOLD! App, however, we have not made the best experience with this app. It also allows for cross-selling and up-selling. Compare the two apps if you like, however, our winner is clear.

One-click-upsell by Zipify

TOUCHCARD - We are living in a world of emails, SMS, chats, often forgetting about the good old postcards. Rest assured you will stand out if you send a postcard to your best customers via snail mail! The Touchcard app integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store and allows you to print postcards and send them to customers. Another service we highly recommend (however, it does not yet integrate with Shopify) is called “Bond”. Their slogan is “Beautiful Notes Made Easy - Send handwritten notes from your phone or computer in seconds.” Check them out here.


TRANSLATION APPS - If your Shopify store wants to appeal to a broader audience you will have to translate your Shopify store into the language your potential clients understand. Two of our favorite apps which facilitate this task are LANGIFY and WEGLOT. Langify will help you translate your shop into any number of languages and costs $17.50USD/month. However, bear in mind you will still need to do the translation yourself or hire a native person to do the translations for you. WEGLOT has a similar approach and currently seems to get the best reviews on the Shopify app store. However, be aware of the hefty price tag: It starts at $55USD/month! So unless your translated Shopify increase your global sales, it might not be worth it.

WeGlot translation app

PRIVY - Privy is a free suite of email capture tools, including exit-intent driven website popups & banners. It helps you grow your email list from your Shopify store, social media channels, mobile, and in-store traffic. Find out more about the app on the Shopify app store.

Privy app

HURRIFY - Your website's conversion rates will improve if your it manages to create a sense of scarcity and urgency. The Hurrify app tackles both of these issues in a beautiful manner. The countdown clock tells your clients how much time is left to take advantage of a certain deal (“urgency”). In addition, the “stock counter” indicates how many units of a particular item are left on stock (“scarcity”).  Our tests have shown that the app has the potential to increase conversion rates between two and three percent! Price: $6.99/month

Hurrify app


REFERSION -  We saved one of the best apps for the end: Refersion, the #1 Affiliate Marketing App for Shopify. The app helps you generate more sales by recruiting and building your private affiliate network with custom offers and terms. Includes access to the Refersion Marketplace with 4,000+ affiliates ready to work with you. Get a free 14-day trial here.

Refersion affiliate tracking

GIVEAWAYS -  This is not a Shopify app, but we’ve seen so many brands having success with this software that we evidently wanted to include it in this list. UPVIRAL is a fantastic software which facilitates giving away items and selecting winners.



    We hope you will find this list of apps useful. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below or to send us a message by clicking here.

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