YotPo Acquires Shopify App Swell Rewards

The acquisition of Swell brings YotPo into one of the most significant chapters in the company's history. Enhancing their complete customer content marketing platform with Swell’s industry-leading loyalty and referrals product suite is a bold, definitive step towards their greater vision to provide brands with the essential technology they need to win in a customer-centric world.

Swell has created the technology to re-invent traditional loyalty programs, allowing brands to meet business goals in a more meaningful way. By combining loyalty with referrals, they help brands both maximize the lifetime value of existing customers, and leverage customer love to accelerate growth through word-of-mouth.

The results speak for themselves: In just under three years of operation, they’ve amassed hundreds of customers, including many of the most successful emergent direct-to-consumer brands.

With Yotpo’s suite of solutions for customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty, and referrals, brands can accelerate growth by leveraging social proof across the buyer journey, enabling advocacy, and maximizing customer lifetime value. With Swell on board, Yotpo will be better positioned to build a streamlined platform.

This update first appeared on YotPo [link]

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