Amazon Product Reviews FAQ

Q: Do you work with all brands that want to buy your services?
A: No, we will take a look at the product, your listing and evaluate the overall fit. If we don't think your brand or product is a good fit for our product reviewers we reserve the right to not work with you without giving any reasons. Generally speaking, the more high-end your packaging, product and listing is, the higher the chances we will accept you.

Q: Is this service in line with Amazon TOS?
A: Technically speaking it's against Amazon TOS. As of mid-2018, it's against Amazon TOS to offer any "incentivized reviews" and this includes offering "product reviews in exchange for a discount". However, while all of our reviewers get a FREE product to review a product, we explicitly state that we do NOT offer "positive reviews" in return! Everyone working at Sonrisa Ventures is fully committed to making Ecommerce an enjoyable experience for all parties involved: merchants, buyers and Amazon. We are 100% against any black hat tactics and will never offer any services deemed as such. At the same time, we criticize Amazon for not offering services which make it easy to get "honest and fair reviews" in a timely manner. That's what we offer this service. Amazon might label our service "black hat", we respectfully disagree and call it totally "white hat". 

Q: Can you guarantee positive reviews when purchasing the "Amazon Review" package?
A: No, we can't! We want to be very clear: We do NOT guarantee positive reviews! The only thing we can guarantee is that up to 15% of all full-price purchases will get a review. However, we do NOT guarantee positive reviews. We only guarantee "honest and fair reviews". In other words, if your product is substandard or low quality, you will very likely receive bad product reviews. On the flip-side, if your products rock, it's likely you will get good reviews. It's very easy: Do NOT work with us if your products are not good. Having said that, we will probably not accept your products in the first place. 

Q: Why the he** should I pay you if your service can't guarantee positive reviews?
A: Because that's the only ethical approach to getting reviews. If you don't like our approach go and work with the numerous black hat services out there which promise more reviews for a lower cost in a shorter time frame. In our view, there are no short-cuts to long-term success. You either accept it takes longer and it cost more or you don't.

Q: Can you guarantee that your reviews will forever stay on my Amazon product page?
A: Unfortunately not. We do NOT (unsurprisingly) fully understand Amazon's A9 algorithm and we do not (in contrary to other black hat services) pay Amazon employees to "make things happen". If Amazon decides to wipe your reviews there's not much we can do. However, rest assured that if you work with popular Facebook review groups or work with any of the other popular Amazon launch services you are running a MUCH higher risk of having your reviews wiped.

Q: How do you vet your Amazon reviewers? Why are you so sure they are "good buyers" in the eyes of Amazon?
A: Most Amazon buyers you find on reviews platforms (e.g. JumpSend, AMZstars, Viral-Launch, etc.) are full or "bargain hunters", i.e. shoppers willing to buy any discounted product as long as they get a 80-90% discount. These shoppers are also the ones with (in the eyes of Amazon) "unusual high review rates". Believe it or not but many of them are certainly on Amazon's watch list. NONE (or at least a VERY HIGH percentage) of our vetted Amazon product reviewers have a) ever engaged in "product in exchange for review" schemes b) ever bought products from launch service sites c) ever been on any "Top Amazon Reviewer" list. This should give you some peace of mind.

Q: Can I just buy your review package and reviews will magically flow in?
A: No, of course not. Before working with us, make sure you fully understand the implications! This is NOT a black-hat service offering you positive reviews in exchange for giving free product. We are simply selling you access to eyeballs of prominent Amazon Prime customers in various European countries.

Q: Do you recommend the Amazon Early Reviewer Program?
A: Yes, we highly recommend using the official Early Reviewer Program offered by Amazon if you already have access to it. However, as of mid 2018, many Amazon SellerCentral account owners in Europe don't have access to this program. This service is fully approved by Amazon - and as of mid-2018 - will give you up to 5 reviews in exchange for paying Amazon $60USD. Just like our service, this does NOT guarantee you positive reviews. In addition, it might take months until you get these 5 reviews (if at all). In contrast, we can guarantee 15 verified reviews within 4 weeks of launching your product (per 100 sold products) on any European marketplace. 

Q: Why do we need to pay you and in addition give away a minimum of 100 product for FREE? Are you crazy?  
A: Well, let's face it. Which reviewer wants to pay for your product AND also write a review for free?!? The least thing you can do is to give them a free product. Time is money and you need to respect that. Again, if you don't like our approach, work with a different service.

Q: What is the worst case scenario working with you?
A: Well, as we previously said, no one knows what Amazon is up to. From one day to another they can change their algorithm and decide to wipe all of your product reviews. Believe it or not, but this has happened to fully legitimate Amazon sellers. We are not saying this is likely to happen using our service, but since you asked for the "worst case", we at least need to state it.

Q: How do you compensate your reviewers?
A: We only compensate our reviewers via Bitcoin. Why not via bank transfers? Well, for a start, we don't like banks and the fees they apply to all sorts for bank transfers. Plus, according to anti-money laundering laws, all banks are required to disclose certain transaction details if they have to. Why not PayPal? Well, we don't use PayPal for the same reasons. You can never rule out that PayPal and Amazon cooperate on a certain level. It's already a popular practice amongst many Amazon sellers to compensate product reviewers via PayPal. We want to rule out these risks altogether.