Crossborder Matchmaker 2017

Secrets to Ecommerce Success in Europe


Did you visit the Global From Asia - CrossBorder MatchMaker event in Shenzhen? I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have. If you would like to have a copy of all slides I presented at the event, just click here to download the entire presentation.

Click here to see how HKS TV covered it. 

If you'd like to ask me specific questions about how to use Shopify to build a brand outside of Amazon and/or how Shopify can help to boost your existing Amazon business, feel free to add me on WeChat. 

您是否也参加了20171027,周五在深圳举办的CBM国际跨境电商对接会? 希望您也像我一样享受此次活动. 如果您想得到一份我在大会上的发言,您可以通过以下的链接下载整个发言稿. - PDF




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