Facebook Advertising Project Requirements

Important things to consider when working with SONRISA VENTURES LTD on Facebook Advertising Projects:  


  • You’ll need to give our Facebook expert access to your Facebook Ad Accounts so he can start setting everything up.
  • Access to your Facebook page. If this hasn’t been set up, we can do this for you for additional cost. 
  • You’ll need to have a billing option enabled in your Facebook ad account.
  • Provide product and advertising images for the advertising campaigns. If you don't have any our experienced graphic designers will help you for additional cost. 
  • Ideally, a (brief) overview of your marketing strategy, including information about its customer benefits. The more detailed the information is the better. Even better if you have already created a customer "avatar" which you can share with us. 
  • If possible, your current customer and/or email list so we can import this into Facebook.
  • During our first month of collaboration, you should have an advertising budget of at least $10.000HKD (~$1.250USD). This does not include our fees.
  • From month two onwards, we will propose a "% of ad spend" fee. You should set aside an advertising budget of at least $20.000HKD (~$2.500USD). Our fee would be added as a "% of ad spend".  
  • Important: Facebook advertising isn’t well-suited for white-labeled products on Amazon.