Social Media Management Project Requirements

Important things to consider when working with SONRISA VENTURES LTD on Social Media Management projects:  
  • You’ll need to grant our social media experts access to all your social media accounts. Feel free to provide as much / little access. We do NOT require any access to confidential data (e.g. credit cards, bank accounts, etc.)
  • Our social media experts will work for 2 hours each day on your social media accounts. Best practices will be applied to makes sure your account achieves the goals you have in mind. If more support is needed, you need to make individual arrangements with SONRISA VENTURES LTD. 
  • As part of this package SONRISA VENTURES LTD will NOT be able to generate images and other marketing collaterals which can be posted on your social media channels. It's your responsibility to produce content our team can work with. If you don't have any our experienced graphic designers or photographers we might be able to help for additional cost. 
  • To facilitate our work and to familiarize ourselves with your brand we ask all of our clients to provide branding guidelines, mood boards and/or company presentations, etc.
  • Our social media manager needs to have one point of contact within your organization to be able to quickly discuss questions to which our employee might not have immediate answers.