Shopify website translation
Shopify website translation


Regular price $999.00


Basic Package: Shopify website translation, account setup, and design. Translation from English into one major European language with a separate top level domain. Turnaround time: 4-6 weeks. 

Express Package: Same as Basic Package. Turnaround time: Only 1-2 weeks. 


Our services are most suited for Shopify store owners who...

  • already use a .com domain and sell products to an English-speaking audience.
  • don't want to use a translation app but instead want a fully independent, localized web page in either German, Spanish, Italian or French.
  • already have success selling to an English-speaking audience but would like to increase business in Europe by having a web page in a local language.

What you will need to supply

  • all copy in English & all images.
  • access to your existing English Shopify backend.
  • domain name purchase in your target country.
  • new Shopify account & access rights.

Further Reading

For further reading on this topic, we recommend our recent blog post in which we outline the importance of having a localized web page.